Quantum Rhythms: The Art Of Rhythm Coaching (book)

Work in progress…


“Rhythm Coaching” is a unique and versatile method for personal and group development created by Martin Ivanov.

“Rhythm Coaching” is based on the natural rhythms and their application in our lives. It observes the imbalances in our personal, professional, social rhythms and offers the right direction in building a useful, healthy and successful life rhythm.

In its main goals “Rhythm Coaching” breaths together with the already known Life and Business coaching, but it uses different terminology, methodology and techniques based on holistic approach to understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Martin Ivanov’s book “Quantum Rhythms: The Art of Rhythm Coaching” lays the foundations of this new method and allows clients, students, professionals, and people interested in this area to experience its specific approaches and concepts.

For more information regarding “Rhythm Coaching” you can get in touch with Martin Ivanov: mivanov@libera-institute.com