The rhythm factor determines every beat of our heart, every breath, every step we take, every word we say. Rhythm is the foundation of our creation and inseparable companion in our existence. Our past, present and future is linked to the rhythmic patterns of weather, nature, planet Earth and the universe. Alternation of day and night, tides, cyclical changing of the seasons, migration of birds – all events are subject to the rhythm. If we carefully analyze all our life processes and the world around us we find that rhythm and time orchestrate almost every step from our birth until we have to leave our physical body.

No doubt our biological, social, personal and  professional life has a specific rhythms and if we don’t want to confuse the physiology of our existence, we should synchronize them rhythmic models that would bring us understanding, satisfaction, happiness and joy. It is quite possible many of our physical and spiritual problems are related to the fact, that one way or another, we forgot about the rhythm. Immersed in our daily  problems and hectic time, many of us live out of sync with the rhythm of the natural and universal vibrations.

Rhythmology combines the wisdom of Vedanta; the ancient Hermetic philosophy; the Mayan cosmology. All this knowledge in the program is refracted through the contemporary view point, as the main idea is creating of metaphors which have to be seen through the eyes of rhythm, using the language of percussion.  Vibration, Active Listening, Perception and Awareness, Communication / Interaction, Synchronization, Balance / Harmony are  the factor which are vital to us and define and dictate our public / social, professional and personal life. The Rhythmology program deals with all these topics that are supported by lectures, examples, spontaneous and improvisational playing, rhythmic and role play games using drums and other percussion instruments.

  Course outlines:

– History of the rhythm and percussion instruments
– Rhythm and its features
– Vibrations
– Active listening, Perception and Awareness
– Communication / Interaction
– Synchronism
– Balance / Harmony

The main objective of the course is personal development and improvement, or creating different angles at which to observe our existence. The program’s versatility and wide application make it effective for therapy, relaxation, energizing or just for fun.

Course materials:

“Rhythm Alchemy” by Martin Ivanov


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